The Group and the Group Concerns

The Company was established in Late90’s and pioneers in the field, are today one of the major service provider in transportation. We move over 10000 metric tonnes of cargo, crossing the length and breadth of the country, and covering an average of 100000 kilometers, on daily basis.The financial health of the company is known as one of the best in the industry and is amongst one of the reputed Surface Transport organizations in the country with a fleet of over 500 Trucks and Trailers.

The following are the Key Business Leaders who directly controls and operate the business and day to day operations.

Mr. Kamal Dogra

The Chairman of the Dogra Group is one of the most dynamic entrepreneurs of his generation in Western India. He has steered his ambitions, perseverance and an unmatched eye for financial detail into a business house that is an empire of its own. A tireless worker, his keen business and operations sense has been an indispensable guiding force in creating the DGC brand.

Mr. Nishu Dogra
Managing Director

Managing Director of the Group, Mr Nishu is the son of Mr. Kamal Dogra and possesses all the qualities of his father that make him a successful entrepreneur, including a keen knowledge of finance and a rare business acumen. A dynamic personality and a his decision taking capabilities has a significant hand in growing all facets of the businesses and creating a company that is professional, deeply integrated with technology, employee focused, team oriented and driven by growth.

Mrs. Tripta Dogra

Mrs Tripta Dogra, the Director of the company maintains equilibrium of managing an office and her family responsibilities as well. Her immense support to the Chairmen and MD has made them to deliver their best at the time of need and growth. A kind hearted lady and a keen advisor, she takes cares of the Employee Relation and the CSR activities of the company.