We have carved a comfortable niche in Transportation and Logistics sector, which is a result of our hard work, determination and the supreme quality of the moving services that we offer, still we are driven to give back more to the society. No matter how bigger we get day by day, we will sincerely feel it as our responsibility to participate and contribute, what we can, to make the community, the society, the country, nature, and the world, a better place to live and thrive.It is recognized that integrating social, environmental and ethical responsibilities into the governance of businesses ensures their long term success, competitiveness and sustainability.

CSR Committee & Guiding Principles

The CSR Committee consist of Chairmen, Director and the CEO of the company. The Committee meets as per the requirement of the company to discuss and review CSR activities and Policy. A quorum of two members is required to be present for the proceedings to take place. Such other meetings of the Committee can be convened as and when deemed appropriate. The Committee members may attend the meeting physically or via such audio¬ visual means as permitted under the Act. The CSR Committee will review the philanthropic activities of the Company and will provide progress update to the Board of Directors every six months/such other intervals as deemed fit.

Annual Spends / Allocation of Funds

The Company spends 2% of the average Net Profits towards the CSR activities. We try our level best to support the people in our society both who are associated   with us and are part of our social life to visualize life from a better perspective. The focus on enhancing the living standards of the people around us and in satisfying their needs are prime concern of the management. Here together we try to make the life from better to best. Please click the below links for the CSR Activities.

Republic Day Celebration with Physically Challenged Children - 2018

Marathon Sponsorship Programme  - 2018

Drivers' Day Celebration  - 2017

Sponsorship Programme  - 2017