Our company offers project based solutions to multiple industries. Each industry has its unique requirements.


13.62 x 2.50 x 2.65 m
Load capacity 16.9T


13.6 x 2.43 x 2.48 m
Load capacity 35T


9 x 2.2 x 2.48 m
Load capacity 9T


13.6 x 1.22 x 2.48 m
Load capacity 30T

From Starting with just 1 Vehicles to an OWNED FLEET of 334+ Commercial Vehicles

Built on a heritage of highly reliable transportation service, we deliver a strong express network through our fully owned fleet and also with our Market Load fleet of vehicles.

Transportation of Commercial & Passenger Vehicles, Consumer Durable, Irrigation Equipment, Auto-Parts, Groundnuts, Heavy Machinery, Over-Dimensional Entities from any-to-any point PAN India is included in one of our core-services.

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OUR DEDICATIONJourney till the Date

Efficiently unleashed cross-segment fleet utilization without dropping the delivery value. Quickly adapting the service capability for small, medium and large clients

During its journey of over past 3 decades, the group has made its presence in the Logistics Industry and has earned laurels in Surface Transport Operations.

We started conveying CHASSIS from the OEM’s to the Dealers PAN India and across the international borders. Initially, the operation was conducted only by-road, but the concept of carrying and delivering these chassis on Trailers has made a remarkable turnaround into the logistical operations of transporting heavy vehicle. When we look back, the journey seems satisfying as the growth path has led the Dogra Group of Companies transforming into a name to reckon amongst one of the best in India. We set the trends for others to emulate, yet we yearn for more.

The group companies are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified. We feel proud of having served thousands of satisfied customers across the nation with our benchmark norms. We own a Fleet of 333+ Commercial Transportation Vehicles and have expanded our operations to 30+ Branch Offices PAN India keeping on customer satisfaction as a focus with 77+ Loading Points for 21+ OEMs in 62+ Cities, and tie-ups with 65+ Fuel Stations. We have an integrated Service and Maintenance Management System for our vehicles at Jetalpur, Ahmedabad.

In the past 30 years, we have provided a unique link for Indian businesses seeking transportation for new Chassis, Tipper, Trailer, Heavy Lifters, New Cars, LCV, ICV, M&HCV & body-built vehicle across Indian territories.

OUR SUCCESS100% On-Time & Safe Deliveries

Heading towards streamlined cloud solutions for real-time data analysis of the fleet and the journeys of millions of kilometres that we cover for our precious customers.

Our Recent Transportation Milestone

Total Kilometres covered by us every year
2016 | 9,00,000 KMs
2017 | 10,82,346 KMs
2018 | 13,56,919 KMs
2019 | 13,58,332 KMs


With transport and warehousing resources in over 100+ Cities
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Unique Loading Locations

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Corporate Clients

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Operational Branches


Established in

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Total Warehouse Area (Sq. Ft.)

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Our solidarity lies in our capability and experience to perform in extreme, hostile environments. Our expertise in handling logistics projects in remote and under-developed region in India is widely recognized and well appreciated.

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